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Vintage Trendy IWC IW387902 Bronze Spitfire Pilot’s Watch Chronograph

For 2019, IWC has launched the new Spitfire collection, which as the name suggests is based on the Spitfire, the protagonist of the WWII air war in Britain. The Spitfire is very similar in appearance to the Mark Mark, with its minimalist aircraft dashboard design. The Spitfire Pilot’s Watches are military in style and have historical prototypes, with the Mark being purchased by the British Army and the Daffy being a German piece of equipment. The Spitfire Pilot’s Chronograph comes in four models, named after the numerical series 38790X, each with almost the same movement and design, the only difference being the material of the case,replica watches and this time we bring you the most vintage of them all, the bronze model – 387902!

The diameter of the Bronze Spitfire has been reduced to a modest 41mm compared to the diameter of a regular UPI flying watch. The black dial features an orderly arrangement of three chronograph counters. a small seconds counter at 6 o’clock; a 12-hour counter at 9 o’clock; and a 30-minute counter at 12 o’clock. The Arabic numerals on the dial and the sub-dial hands are coated with white luminous coating, while the hour and minute hands and the 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock positions are coated with beige luminous coating. The day and date windows are located at 3 o’clock. The bronze crown with chronograph pushers is engraved with the classic IWC logo and has a non-slip textured finish all around for easy time adjustment.

The sturdy screw-down caseback is embossed with a Spitfire fighter jet, while a soft-iron inner case beneath the caseback encases the movement and protects it from the magnetic influences of everyday life. This tried and tested method of shielding the mechanical movement internally with a soft iron case is also used by Rolex for its Airmaster and Milgauss green glass, and has long been used by Universal for its Pilot’s and Ingenieur collections to protect against magnetism. While brands such as Omega are increasingly achieving anti-magnetism through movements without magnetised parts, there is no denying that simple and reliable designs still work, and that anti-magnetism with soft iron cases is retro.

This time around, the classic flying watch is also paired with a sturdy and reliable in-house chronograph movement, the IWC calibre 69380, which is also the watchmaker’s calibre 69000 series. It features the classic column wheel design with a bi-directional pawl winding system and a power reserve of 46 hours. In addition to the normal automatic winding, there is also the classic Replica IWC chronograph flyback function. The main dial is a small three-hand design with hours, minutes and seconds, while the largest long hand is the chronograph seconds hand, which may still be a little uncomfortable for new users~.

The first thing that comes to mind is the bronze. In addition to the slightly aged olive green colour on the face, the case is also made of bronze, which has become very popular in recent years, as military watchmakers such as Zenith and Panerai are experimenting with bronze. So, it’s vintage, but also hip~!

The last thing I’d like to say is that the bronze is not as hard as the steel models, and the bronze itself is a relatively old smelting technique, so it’s probably a psychological factor to wear it in your hand. Then again, the great thing about bronze is that depending on the habits, environment and frequency of use of each wearer, it can have a different surface with a different natural oxidised texture, which is what young people are looking for nowadays, and with the vintage tide of the whole watch, it really is very relevant to the needs of today’s watch consumers! And this model comes on a brown calfskin strap, adding further texture and elegance to the watch.

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I’ve never really owned a Green Submariner, I’ve just kept it for the next owner.

I remember the overbearing advertising slogan of the king of watches, Patek Philippe: “No one really owns a Patek Philippe, they just keep it for the next generation.” At this moment, I’d like to adapt the slogan – “I’ve never really owned a Green Submariner, I’m just keeping it for the next owner” – in honour of the Green Submariner that has left me.

I started to like mechanical watches in 2014, and when it comes to watches, there is no escaping the Rolex brand, and in Rolex, the hottest one is undoubtedly the Submariner series (also known as the “Water Ghost”), and in the Submariner series, the Green Submariner with a splash of green is definitely one of the most popular watches that watch enthusiasts would like to talk about.

Here’s a description of the Green Ghost from a post written by the webmaster, Rotunda, back in ’14
It’s finally time for the eagerly awaited Green Ghost. Although it’s still the “Submariner Date” but with a new bezel and dial colour change from 116610LN to 116610LV, I believe that in the eyes of many Greenwatch fans it’s definitely more than just a “green version” of the Aquaman. The fact is that the Green Ghost is also worthy of being overshadowed by other non-jewelled materials, such as the various exposures of various European royalty wearing Green Ghosts, as well as the legendary rumour that only one Green Ghost is produced for ten ordinary black ones, etc. Whether the 1:10 production is comfortable or not, the Green Ghost’s “clash rate” is indeed not high, and it is not that easy to buy. The Green Ghost was deified in the world to the extent that it could only be bought “by fate”, well, in fact, it was still just a regular Green Ghost with a green bezel and dial.

To this day, when I look at the descriptions of the Rotunda back in the day, they are still accurate, apart from the fact that the “rate of clash” may have changed a little! I’ve heard that due to both the epidemic and the exchange rate, the price of a new Bulgarian Green Ghost has approached the full 120,000 yuan mark, an increase of around 15% in a month’s time, and I can only wonder at the incredible level of premiums that Rolex (and AP and PP) have commanded in recent years. But what can be done about it? Who made the demand side outweigh the supply side?

A few more words about the green water ghost I have: In 2014, a good friend of mine was transferred to Hong Kong for work, and because he had some business dealings with the Hong Kong Oriental watch company, he had the opportunity to buy some of the popular models of the time. At that time, he had just met his girlfriend (now his wife) and wanted to look good, so he started to think about buying a better watch to improve his taste in appearance. After a recommendation from a friend and a bit of forum surfing, I quickly picked out a Replica Rolex Submariner. I contacted my good buddy immediately and thanks to his good relationship with Sales, I was soon able to get my Green Watch without the slightest difficulty. As my buddy was in Hong Kong and I didn’t feel comfortable with the courier, I planned to pick it up in person. It just so happened that my girlfriend was going to Australia for her National Day trip and would be in Hong Kong for a connecting flight, so I ended up flying the Green Ghost from Hong Kong to Australia, with my girlfriend travelling with the “precious” Green Ghost, which finally arrived in my hands one day in October 2014. I forgot to mention the most important price, well, it was 95% off the official price and arrived at around 48,000 RMB!

Back to my title, what does it mean again? Because in the almost 6 years I’ve “owned” the Green Submariner, I haven’t put it on my wrist even once. Every half month, I take it out of its humidity-proof case, put on white, lint-free gloves, and gently stroke and wind it. For fear of scratching the surface, I never even use my skin to feel the silky smoothness of the 904L steel. For almost six years, I’ve been reluctant to wear it, probably because I didn’t think I deserved it yet, or maybe because of the rash of replica watches.

In 2020, because of the epidemic, I had more time to think about it and had an epiphany that I should reduce my pursuit of material things and turn to the spiritual world. So after an extremely painful battle of the minds, I decided to sell this one of the few brand new 2014 full-film Green Ghosts on the market to a friend who needed it. I will not go into the process here, if you are interested, please leave a message and I will reply one by one.

Although it is a brand new, fully coated full set, there is no denying that it is still an out of warranty watch. I have benefited from the careful explanation of the difference between a new and a new watch from someone who knows about uk replica watches. In the end, the watch was sold to my brother’s cousin for a much higher price than the dealer would have paid for it, and at a price that I was willing to pay. The night before I went to trade, I took out my camera and took about a dozen photos of the Green Marine that had been “with” me, the first time I put it on my wrist, the first time I touched it with the warmth of my hand without gloves, so that when I thought of it in the future, I could look at the photos and prove that we had been together, that once, I too I once “owned” a Rolex, and “owned” the hottest, hottest Green Submariner.

Thank you for your patience in reading my rant, here is the commemorative time, the photos are not good, you guys bear with me, thank you!

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Which Rolex soul triple question to buy? Where to buy?

A watch aficionado who is deeply fond of Rolex, has followed the trajectory of Rolex releases for over a decade and is also a keen researcher of future trends

The precision and durability of Rolex is the result of constant refinement and repeated arguments by the manufacturer, in order to achieve practicality and reliability. The cleverest thing about Rolex is that the number of sales is in the millions every year, but the real core accessories including movements, cases and straps are then no more than five or six models, and these models are used for decades at a time, so the costs are spread very thinly.

For people who want to buy a Rolex, the concern must be whether to buy a Rolex at a super public price?

  1. if you have already bought a lot of them from the same shop and the same salesperson and become a VIP.
  2. you have to owe a lot of money – after all, the price is there, and asking someone to help you get the product at a fair price is the same as asking them to give you money.

The price actually leads to another question, which is whether to look for Rolexes all over the world.
The possibility of picking up a watch through regional differences is only becoming less and less likely, at least as far as Rolexes are concerned. I used to jokingly wonder if watch dealers all over the world were sharing the same WhatsApp group, so the market price difference was minimal.

So, which is the best modern Rolex to own?

The Daytona, Sub and Day-Date. modern Rolexes are basically fired up from the Daytona, the diameter, the thickness, the grip, the three-eye disc. Ah! It’s not that you have all the looks I like, it’s that I like all the looks you have. the Sub, needless to say, is just too deep and is the first love of most Rau fans.

The Day-Date is the ultimate model for Rolex fans and there was a poll on the largest Rolex forum, Rolex Forums, “If I could only keep one Rolex” and a large number of Rolex fans took part in the poll. The result was a narrow victory for the Day-Date over the Sub and Daytona, and this has been the case on several occasions over the last ten years, with the Day-Date coming first each time. This year’s new generation of the Day-Date 36 yellow gold and green face was liked by many, and it would have been perfect if all 10 scales had been bar diamond.

Finally, my personal advice is to return to reason, no matter which Rolex you choose. At this year’s Baselworld, contemporary master watchmaker Philippe Dufour made the red and blue circle a hot topic again with his 126710BLRO, for which he himself said he had queued for a long time. It turns out that masters also pay for watches that ordinary players like, it turns out that masters also don’t want to owe favours to jump the queue, and it turns out that masters, like many others, don’t accept price increases! So, if you really like it, you would have actually acted on it already, if it’s a crowd pleaser, then we suggest you stop the madness and calm down before making a decision.High quality replica watches are not lost for the first choice of love watches .

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2021 Women’s watches recommended, which brand of women’s watches is good?

2021 Women’s watches recommended, which brand of women’s watches is good?

There are often friends around who say that in an era when everyone has a mobile phone, why do so many people still wear watches? But with the development of the times, watches are no longer just for watching the time, they have an added value, they can also be used as an ornament, representing the owner’s personality and taste, and even the life experience and social status of the person. For women in particular, a good-looking watch is indeed a big plus,replica watches and can greatly enhance one’s temperament.

Notes on choosing a women’s watch
What are the parameters to look for when buying a ladies’ watch? After reading these points, I believe you will have a basic understanding of how to choose a watch for women.

  1. Face value

The first and most important one is the value of the watch. This may not apply to men’s watches, but for women’s watches, it is more crucial. In the following article, I will recommend watches that are as high in value as possible, under the premise of ensuring quality.

  1. Quartz watches or mechanical watches?

Many people may be torn between choosing a quartz watch or a mechanical watch when they buy a watch. For female friends, try to choose a quartz watch because it is relatively easy to maintain and the time accuracy will be more accurate. Of course, there are many female friends like mechanical watches, after all, the mechanical watch internal complex structure and gear drive, etc., more like a perfect artwork, good artwork who will not like it?

3, waterproof

Try to choose a watch with better waterproof performance, because if the waterproof performance is not good, it is easy to get damp or water, resulting in a low quality watch, easy to break and more trouble to maintain later. Nowadays, watches are generally better waterproof, generally 30 meters underwater bottom, and good watches can do several hundred meters underwater.

  1. OMEGA (OMEGA) Swiss watches Dui Fei series fashion ladies watch 424.

OMEGA, the English name omega, represents the symbol Omega, the brand should be familiar with, belongs to the luxury class in the watch, the brand was founded in 1848, has a very long history, the whole series of movements are chronometer level movements, belong to the world’s best movement category, the overall display of elegance and taste.
This is Omega’s butterfly series, low-key and introverted, but not lose the atmosphere, a good interpretation of low-key luxury, sapphire crystal, shell mother dial looks very gorgeous, steel case strap, style dignified and elegant, relatively high cost, recommended!

  1. Cartier (Cartier) Swiss watches London series fashion women’s table W6701004

Cartier, a brand that I believe we have all heard of, is a very high-end luxury brand in the Swiss watch industry, and Omega is a class brand, established in 1847, has a long history, and its jewellery and watches are loved by high-end circles.
This is Cartier’s London series, although it is Cartier’s entry-level watch, the first glance is not stunning but the more you wear the more you feel, the more you see the more class, low-key luxury and taste, the overall more classy one, replica cartier recommended.

  1. OMEGA Swiss watches Seamaster Series mechanical women’s watch

This is OMEGA’s Seamaster series of watches, Swiss quality movement, dial set with 12 diamonds, leather strap, materials and workmanship are very exquisite, the watch shape is beautiful and generous, high-end atmosphere fashion,replica omega seamaster every detail reveals the noble.

  1. Cartier Swiss Watch Blue Balloon Series Mechanical Women’s Watch W6920071

This watch has a noble and beautiful appearance, quite a sense of quality, comfortable to wear, exquisite and beautiful workmanship, configuration sapphire crystal, stainless steel strap crown, this price point of the watch to a certain extent has not pursued more fancy configuration, the main thing is the temperament and class, this watch has, or a good luxury watches, recommended.

You can always ask me if you have any questions, I am always available.

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2021 Men’s watches recommendations, which brand of men’s watches is good?

I. Classification of watches
The mainstream watches on the market are mainly divided into mechanical watches and quartz watches, what is the difference between these two kinds of watches? To know the difference between the two, we should first know the working principle of these two kinds of watches.

Mechanical watches are mainly controlled by mechanical oscillators, and then manually wound to drive the large and small gears inside the watch, and the gears drive each other to push the watch hand, which is the usual gear operation we see, which is actually the embodiment of the working principle of mechanical watches.

A quartz watch mainly relies on a quartz crystal to act as an oscillator, which is the heart of the watch, and where does the power come from? It is the battery, so it is more like an electronic watch,replica watches and ultimately it is through the control motor that drives the normal operation of the hands inside the watch.

The advantages and disadvantages of different types of watches
From the above definitions it is easy to see that both quartz and mechanical watches have their own advantages and disadvantages, the specific advantages and disadvantages are as follows.

Advantages of quartz watches.

1, because of the working principle of quartz watches, so the accuracy of quartz watches will be relatively high, many quartz watches can reach within 0.5 seconds of error every day, the error is very low, and the accuracy is basically not affected by the surrounding environment.

2, because the quartz watch does not have to use metal for the movement, so the weight can be made relatively light, wear not too heavy.

3, quartz watch maintenance is also relatively simple, just replace the battery can be.

Disadvantages of quartz watches.

1, the value is not as high as mechanical watches, and the grade is not urgent mechanical watches.

2, not environmentally friendly, constantly replacing the battery although convenient, but the sex pair but pollution of the environment.

Advantages of mechanical watches.

1, due to the principle of mechanical watches, the internal process is more complex, a good mechanical watch can reflect a more high-end process, reflect the level of craftsmanship, so the grade will be higher.

Disadvantages of mechanical watches.

1, the error is slightly lower, which is also determined by his internal working principle, but it is not too big, generally allowed within 45 seconds per day, under normal circumstances, it may be 5 seconds up and down is more normal;.

2, the need for regular winding, maintenance is relatively troublesome.

  1. Compared with quartz watches, mechanical watches are heavier and relatively heavier to wear.

1.OMEGA Seamaster Series coated nylon fabric strap Automatic mechanical

OMEGA, the English name omega, on behalf of the symbol Omega, this brand believe that we are all more familiar with the famous watch brand, belongs to the luxury class in the watch, the brand was founded in 1848, has a very long history, the movement are the chronometer level movement, belongs to the world’s best movement category, the overall display of elegance and taste.

This is a more classic fashionable and good-looking Seamaster series, the blue and white colour scheme is very nice and durable, the watch shape is elegant and noble, fine workmanship without any defects, Omega original 8500 coaxial fully automatic mechanical movement, back-transparent, accurate timekeeping, grade 5 titanium case, three needle luminous, both configuration and face value is a very good Omega watch.

  1. Cartier Swiss Watch Blue Balloon Series Mechanical Men’s Watch W69012Z4 (WSBB0049)
    The Blue Balloon is the most famous and the hottest selling one in Cartier. Cartier is a brand that I believe we have all heard of, a high-end luxury brand in Swiss watches, and Omega is a class brand, established in 1847, has a long history, its jewellery and watches are loved by high-class circles.

This Cartier watch is a blue balloon series, one of the hotter series sold, configuration, the case crown and strap are made of steel, blued steel sword-shaped hands, self-winding mechanical movement, in addition to the crown inlaid with a blue cabochon synthetic crystals, showing the noble taste and class.

  1. IWC Swiss Watch Portofino Series Mechanical Men’s Watch IW356501
    IWC is one of the hottest selling watches in the world. IWC is a brand that you may have heard a little less, but friends who know watches must know this brand. The watch belongs to the high-end luxury watches, the serious first-class high-end brand.

The watch is from the Portofino series, and there is nothing fancy about this price point, but the regular and ordinary configuration can also highlight the elegance, nobility and gentlemanly style and temperament, the steel case, the strap should be crocodile skin, the overall perfect one.

  1. Breitling Avenger II Deep Dive Sea Wolf 45 Mechanical Sports Watch Men’s Waterproof Luminous Yellow Wolf
    Breitling is one of the hottest sellers. Breitling is a brand that you may not hear much about, it is a military watch, a watch for aerospace and diving, it is not just a timepiece, it is more like a small precision instrument.

This Breitling watch is the Avenger II, with a military feel, Breitling calibre 17, a self-winding mechanical movement, all series of chronometer certification, accurate timekeeping. 3000 meters water resistance, this level of water resistance can kill any watch, no suspense, you can ride the deep sea without fear, in addition to 25 stones, sapphire crystal, double-sided anti-glare watch mirror, diving watch bezel, the overall style The overall style is rather manly, a tough guy style, a classic watch with a very high price/performance ratio at this price point.

  1. IWC Swiss Watches Portuguese Series Mechanical Men’s Watch IW371606
    The IWC is one of the better selling high-end watches in the series. The IWC brand, as mentioned above, is a high-end brand in the Swiss watch industry.

This watch is a Portuguese series, standard steel case + sapphire crystal, currently only the blue face silver needles are available, other like blue needle or gold needle are out of stock, blue face silver needle show atmosphere, elegant.

  1. OMEGA Swiss Watch Speedmaster Moonphase Steel Case with Leather Strap 9904 Co-Axial Chronometer Movement Automatic Men’s Watch
    OMEGA super high-end models, OMEGA brand has also been introduced above, the luxury class of watches, belongs to one of the very high-end Swiss watch brands.

This Omega watch is the Speedmaster Moon Series, high-end atmospheric dial design, 9904 Tongzhou to the perfect chronometer automatic mechanical movement, ceramic bezel, stainless steel case, moon phase, 100 meters water resistance, timing, moon phase, luminous functions are available, super high-end a Speedmaster.

  1. Zenith (ZENITH) watches coffee knight pilot / pilot series automatic mechanical men’s watch 11.2430.4069/21.C773

Zenith is a very high class watch, and the face of the watch is also relatively high. This is a very high value one in Zenith, the Coffee Knight series, the Star Speed 4069 self-winding movement with a very high frequency of 36,000 vibrations, 50 hours + kinetic energy reserve, 45mm crystal is very atmospheric, 100m water resistance is also very good, overall, a very high end, high class watch.

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Why does everyone recommend Rolex over the top brands?

Because Rolex is really the watch inside the big brother ah, not table friends Lao blow is Laoli Dafa really good ah.

These years, Rolex is a bit hard, but also very demonic. Even, in the eyes of some people, it becomes an investment financial product. A ghost a di, is a string of lagging goods, discount models, are given to bring into popular models. However, there is one Rolex that has been a hit since it was introduced in 1955. It’s not a “backlogged Di”, it’s not a “big gold Rolex”, it’s always stood out, it’s always been young, it’s always worked well and, of course, it’s always held its value.

It is the subject of this episode, the Rolex GMTMaster II, and it is true that the Chinese market has been on a steady rise over the past week. Who would have thought that the Foyers PHILLIPS auction house would drop a super-heavy bomb yesterday: an auction where the lots were basically all popular models sold for prices that were going crazy, giving the viewing public the feeling that the auctioneer’s money was burning. The two models best known to watch aficionados were the Rolex red and blue ring, which fetched 33,750 Swiss francs, almost $250,000, and the Rolex blue and black ring, which fetched 25,000 Swiss francs, almost $190,000.

The Greenwich “Blue and Black” can be considered one of Rolex’s most popular models, and last year Rolex upgraded it with a new steel-cased five-jewel bracelet with a blue and black ring, which is the second five-jewel bracelet GMT released by Rolex after the five-jewel red and blue ring. The design is 40mm in diameter, taking into account the requirements of the male wrist circumference. The case is made from classic Oyster steel and is extremely durable. The watch is equipped with a bidirectional rotating bezel and a two-tone Cerachrom 24-hour ceramic bezel in blue and black, a ceramic material that is resistant to corrosion and scratches and does not fade even when exposed to ultraviolet light, ensuring that the lettering remains as bright as ever through the years. The die-cast numerals and indexes are coated in white gold using the PVD (Physical VapourDeposition) technique.

The crown is engraved with the Rolex logo and features a triple water-resistance system with a three-button lock to enhance the watch’s water resistance for true durability. The design of the crystal is also subtle, with a symbolic small convex window at 3 o’clock that facilitates the reading of the date. The watch has a black lacquered dial that contrasts with the hour markers and hands in 18ct gold with Chromalight luminescent material for clear reading. Rolex has equipped this GMT with a five-part commemorative bracelet fitted with the brand’s easy-to-adjust links, which allow the wearer to increase the bracelet by approximately 5 mm,buy replica watches taking into account the requirements of different wrist sizes. Rolex has also equipped it with the patented Oyster safety clasp, which prevents the clasp from being accidentally opened.

The caseback is airtight and the solid screw-down back enhances the water resistance of the watch. The watch is fitted internally with a calibre 3285, with an escapement made of nickel phosphor for greater precision, and a patented Rolex optimised dark blue Parachrom hairspring made of a unique paramagnetic alloy forged by Replica Rolex, which is ten times more resistant to shocks than a conventional hairspring and less susceptible to magnetic fields, and has a power reserve of around 70 hours. A Rolex can be the only high-end watch in a person’s life; it can also be a series of small toys that are well worth collecting on an ongoing basis in the eyes of the watch player.
A different dial, a different bezel, a different watch strap, or even just one more or less line on the dial, can cause thousands of fans to fall in love and become obsessed. Rolex is the only watch that can achieve this. Anyone who understands the changing market in China knows that most of the popular models before they went up like crazy had high bidding figures as a base, as was the case with the Rolex Green Ghost 116610LV and the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711A. Now, the wave of Fuyis to crazy results, is not the same means that the Rolex popular models will step into another round of new market increase? As one groupie often says, “This wave of bidding feels like a banker jogging in to raise the price”.

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Can you guess these big names by looking at the details?

What do people look at first when they look at a watch? Do you look at the details first, as I do?
Anyone who plays with watches a lot knows that there are many details on a watch. For example, the seemingly insignificant crown (the small handle that sets the time) has many tricks, such as being set with diamonds and gemstones. The reason for this is that the crown has evolved over the last hundred years and each watchmaker has made its own identity.
Apart from the crown, clearly recognisable parts such as the dial and hands can also help us to quickly see what brand it is.
So today I have prepared a quiz for you. These are also the models that I think are the most recognisable and that many people go to buy replica watches for.

Let’s see how many you can guess below~


When you see the blue spinel wrapped in a bow guard, you will know it is the Cartier Blue Balloon, which is also the reason for the name Blue Balloon. It was inspired by the homemade blue hot air balloon flown by the Montegofields brothers in 1783, the first human flying machine, so this watch also has a symbolic meaning of bravery and innovation.


The crown with the pendant is also quite recognisable, and it is easy to see that the pendant is a cartoon image of a Chanel lady, in fact it is from the Chanel J12, which we are all familiar with, and is available in a limited edition of 555 pieces this year.


The crown is usually at 3 o’clock, but the Breguet Queen of Naples, with its oval dial and crown at 5 o’clock, has made numerous girls remember her, and at first glance it also resembles the “Q” in Queen, giving it a noble and special feel.


You may not know Panerai, but you must have seen this naive and heavy-looking “bridge” crown, which was specially designed for the Italian Navy, and which presses against the crown when the crown is closed to increase water resistance and protect it at the same time. A while ago, a fan’s bridge was broken but the crown was unharmed. Panerai’s style is tough and the dials are large and highly recognisable.


Richard Mille’s “tonneau” dial is now recognized as the most recognizable dial, but the tonneau was first introduced by Famulan, and became a hit with its iconic tonneau look and highly complicated movement, before falling off the map. It was so popular that many brands now offer ‘tonneau’ watches, such as Vacheron Constantin and Longines.


OMEGA’s Constellation is actually the same as Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak and Patek Philippe’s Nautilus, both by the hand of Zonta. Originally designed to hold the crystal in place, the four small “claws” on the dial have now become the hallmark of the Constellation collection, making it instantly recognisable from a distance.


Even if you don’t know anything about watches, I’m sure you’ll know that this is a Rolex Daytona when you see the ‘panda eye’. It started life as a chronograph for racing cars, with three small dials that counted the minutes, seconds and hours. Since its debut, it has become a collector’s and young person’s favourite, and has become a myth in the world of value preservation and appreciation.


If you don’t look closely, you might think it’s from Audemars Piguet? In fact, Hublot’s screws are quite distinctive, with the H-shaped screws echoing the “H” in the brand’s logo. In fact, as a high-end watch, the use of the brand’s special screws is actually a way to protect the watch, at least from being opened by unprofessional technicians during repairs, and to distinguish it from others.


The “Breguet hand”, designed by Breguet in 1783 with an off-centre moon at the end of the quarter, has evolved over the last 200 years to become a Breguet trademark and looks very elegant. In recent years, brands such as Cartier, Longines and Patek Philippe have also indirectly used Breguet hands by adjusting their length and thickness to show their affection for them.


Often said to be the most distinctive and unreadable watch, Famulan’s Crazy Hour features coloured lettering plus irregular sequencing, and a reading that automatically jumps to the position of the correct number on the other side every 60 minutes. PS: There is now a jewellery collection based on this number, each priced at 28,000.


Rolex’s “dog tooth ring” can be considered synonymous with the family, Rolex’s official term is “triangular pitted bezel”, it is said that Rolex was originally designed to press the diameter of the watch to waterproof and, although not set with diamonds, but also has the effect of sparkling. A similarly pockmarked dial design is also used in this year’s new watches.


Roger Dubuis’ skeletonised and pentagonal dial is one of their most distinctive features, and this dial is not only very design-oriented but also highly recognisable. The hands are also very distinctive, resembling a “spatula”.
All in all, there is a lot to be said for the top of a watch, and all of these seemingly insignificant things have actually been designed with a lot of thought, either to enhance recognition or to visualise the spirit and meaning of the brand. For watch lovers, these are all expressions of sentiment.