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2021 Women’s watches recommended, which brand of women’s watches is good?

2021 Women’s watches recommended, which brand of women’s watches is good?

There are often friends around who say that in an era when everyone has a mobile phone, why do so many people still wear watches? But with the development of the times, watches are no longer just for watching the time, they have an added value, they can also be used as an ornament, representing the owner’s personality and taste, and even the life experience and social status of the person. For women in particular, a good-looking watch is indeed a big plus,replica watches and can greatly enhance one’s temperament.

Notes on choosing a women’s watch
What are the parameters to look for when buying a ladies’ watch? After reading these points, I believe you will have a basic understanding of how to choose a watch for women.

  1. Face value

The first and most important one is the value of the watch. This may not apply to men’s watches, but for women’s watches, it is more crucial. In the following article, I will recommend watches that are as high in value as possible, under the premise of ensuring quality.

  1. Quartz watches or mechanical watches?

Many people may be torn between choosing a quartz watch or a mechanical watch when they buy a watch. For female friends, try to choose a quartz watch because it is relatively easy to maintain and the time accuracy will be more accurate. Of course, there are many female friends like mechanical watches, after all, the mechanical watch internal complex structure and gear drive, etc., more like a perfect artwork, good artwork who will not like it?

3, waterproof

Try to choose a watch with better waterproof performance, because if the waterproof performance is not good, it is easy to get damp or water, resulting in a low quality watch, easy to break and more trouble to maintain later. Nowadays, watches are generally better waterproof, generally 30 meters underwater bottom, and good watches can do several hundred meters underwater.

  1. OMEGA (OMEGA) Swiss watches Dui Fei series fashion ladies watch 424.

OMEGA, the English name omega, represents the symbol Omega, the brand should be familiar with, belongs to the luxury class in the watch, the brand was founded in 1848, has a very long history, the whole series of movements are chronometer level movements, belong to the world’s best movement category, the overall display of elegance and taste.
This is Omega’s butterfly series, low-key and introverted, but not lose the atmosphere, a good interpretation of low-key luxury, sapphire crystal, shell mother dial looks very gorgeous, steel case strap, style dignified and elegant, relatively high cost, recommended!

  1. Cartier (Cartier) Swiss watches London series fashion women’s table W6701004

Cartier, a brand that I believe we have all heard of, is a very high-end luxury brand in the Swiss watch industry, and Omega is a class brand, established in 1847, has a long history, and its jewellery and watches are loved by high-end circles.
This is Cartier’s London series, although it is Cartier’s entry-level watch, the first glance is not stunning but the more you wear the more you feel, the more you see the more class, low-key luxury and taste, the overall more classy one, replica cartier recommended.

  1. OMEGA Swiss watches Seamaster Series mechanical women’s watch

This is OMEGA’s Seamaster series of watches, Swiss quality movement, dial set with 12 diamonds, leather strap, materials and workmanship are very exquisite, the watch shape is beautiful and generous, high-end atmosphere fashion,replica omega seamaster every detail reveals the noble.

  1. Cartier Swiss Watch Blue Balloon Series Mechanical Women’s Watch W6920071

This watch has a noble and beautiful appearance, quite a sense of quality, comfortable to wear, exquisite and beautiful workmanship, configuration sapphire crystal, stainless steel strap crown, this price point of the watch to a certain extent has not pursued more fancy configuration, the main thing is the temperament and class, this watch has, or a good luxury watches, recommended.

You can always ask me if you have any questions, I am always available.

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2021 Men’s watches recommendations, which brand of men’s watches is good?

I. Classification of watches
The mainstream watches on the market are mainly divided into mechanical watches and quartz watches, what is the difference between these two kinds of watches? To know the difference between the two, we should first know the working principle of these two kinds of watches.

Mechanical watches are mainly controlled by mechanical oscillators, and then manually wound to drive the large and small gears inside the watch, and the gears drive each other to push the watch hand, which is the usual gear operation we see, which is actually the embodiment of the working principle of mechanical watches.

A quartz watch mainly relies on a quartz crystal to act as an oscillator, which is the heart of the watch, and where does the power come from? It is the battery, so it is more like an electronic watch,replica watches and ultimately it is through the control motor that drives the normal operation of the hands inside the watch.

The advantages and disadvantages of different types of watches
From the above definitions it is easy to see that both quartz and mechanical watches have their own advantages and disadvantages, the specific advantages and disadvantages are as follows.

Advantages of quartz watches.

1, because of the working principle of quartz watches, so the accuracy of quartz watches will be relatively high, many quartz watches can reach within 0.5 seconds of error every day, the error is very low, and the accuracy is basically not affected by the surrounding environment.

2, because the quartz watch does not have to use metal for the movement, so the weight can be made relatively light, wear not too heavy.

3, quartz watch maintenance is also relatively simple, just replace the battery can be.

Disadvantages of quartz watches.

1, the value is not as high as mechanical watches, and the grade is not urgent mechanical watches.

2, not environmentally friendly, constantly replacing the battery although convenient, but the sex pair but pollution of the environment.

Advantages of mechanical watches.

1, due to the principle of mechanical watches, the internal process is more complex, a good mechanical watch can reflect a more high-end process, reflect the level of craftsmanship, so the grade will be higher.

Disadvantages of mechanical watches.

1, the error is slightly lower, which is also determined by his internal working principle, but it is not too big, generally allowed within 45 seconds per day, under normal circumstances, it may be 5 seconds up and down is more normal;.

2, the need for regular winding, maintenance is relatively troublesome.

  1. Compared with quartz watches, mechanical watches are heavier and relatively heavier to wear.

1.OMEGA Seamaster Series coated nylon fabric strap Automatic mechanical

OMEGA, the English name omega, on behalf of the symbol Omega, this brand believe that we are all more familiar with the famous watch brand, belongs to the luxury class in the watch, the brand was founded in 1848, has a very long history, the movement are the chronometer level movement, belongs to the world’s best movement category, the overall display of elegance and taste.

This is a more classic fashionable and good-looking Seamaster series, the blue and white colour scheme is very nice and durable, the watch shape is elegant and noble, fine workmanship without any defects, Omega original 8500 coaxial fully automatic mechanical movement, back-transparent, accurate timekeeping, grade 5 titanium case, three needle luminous, both configuration and face value is a very good Omega watch.

  1. Cartier Swiss Watch Blue Balloon Series Mechanical Men’s Watch W69012Z4 (WSBB0049)
    The Blue Balloon is the most famous and the hottest selling one in Cartier. Cartier is a brand that I believe we have all heard of, a high-end luxury brand in Swiss watches, and Omega is a class brand, established in 1847, has a long history, its jewellery and watches are loved by high-class circles.

This Cartier watch is a blue balloon series, one of the hotter series sold, configuration, the case crown and strap are made of steel, blued steel sword-shaped hands, self-winding mechanical movement, in addition to the crown inlaid with a blue cabochon synthetic crystals, showing the noble taste and class.

  1. IWC Swiss Watch Portofino Series Mechanical Men’s Watch IW356501
    IWC is one of the hottest selling watches in the world. IWC is a brand that you may have heard a little less, but friends who know watches must know this brand. The watch belongs to the high-end luxury watches, the serious first-class high-end brand.

The watch is from the Portofino series, and there is nothing fancy about this price point, but the regular and ordinary configuration can also highlight the elegance, nobility and gentlemanly style and temperament, the steel case, the strap should be crocodile skin, the overall perfect one.

  1. Breitling Avenger II Deep Dive Sea Wolf 45 Mechanical Sports Watch Men’s Waterproof Luminous Yellow Wolf
    Breitling is one of the hottest sellers. Breitling is a brand that you may not hear much about, it is a military watch, a watch for aerospace and diving, it is not just a timepiece, it is more like a small precision instrument.

This Breitling watch is the Avenger II, with a military feel, Breitling calibre 17, a self-winding mechanical movement, all series of chronometer certification, accurate timekeeping. 3000 meters water resistance, this level of water resistance can kill any watch, no suspense, you can ride the deep sea without fear, in addition to 25 stones, sapphire crystal, double-sided anti-glare watch mirror, diving watch bezel, the overall style The overall style is rather manly, a tough guy style, a classic watch with a very high price/performance ratio at this price point.

  1. IWC Swiss Watches Portuguese Series Mechanical Men’s Watch IW371606
    The IWC is one of the better selling high-end watches in the series. The IWC brand, as mentioned above, is a high-end brand in the Swiss watch industry.

This watch is a Portuguese series, standard steel case + sapphire crystal, currently only the blue face silver needles are available, other like blue needle or gold needle are out of stock, blue face silver needle show atmosphere, elegant.

  1. OMEGA Swiss Watch Speedmaster Moonphase Steel Case with Leather Strap 9904 Co-Axial Chronometer Movement Automatic Men’s Watch
    OMEGA super high-end models, OMEGA brand has also been introduced above, the luxury class of watches, belongs to one of the very high-end Swiss watch brands.

This Omega watch is the Speedmaster Moon Series, high-end atmospheric dial design, 9904 Tongzhou to the perfect chronometer automatic mechanical movement, ceramic bezel, stainless steel case, moon phase, 100 meters water resistance, timing, moon phase, luminous functions are available, super high-end a Speedmaster.

  1. Zenith (ZENITH) watches coffee knight pilot / pilot series automatic mechanical men’s watch 11.2430.4069/21.C773

Zenith is a very high class watch, and the face of the watch is also relatively high. This is a very high value one in Zenith, the Coffee Knight series, the Star Speed 4069 self-winding movement with a very high frequency of 36,000 vibrations, 50 hours + kinetic energy reserve, 45mm crystal is very atmospheric, 100m water resistance is also very good, overall, a very high end, high class watch.