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  • Vintage Trendy IWC IW387902 Bronze Spitfire Pilot’s Watch Chronograph
    For 2019, IWC has launched the new Spitfire collection, which as the name suggests is based on the Spitfire, the protagonist of the WWII air war in Britain. The Spitfire is very similar in appearance to the Mark Mark, with its minimalist aircraft dashboard design. The Spitfire Pilot’s Watches are military in style and have historical prototypes, with the Mark […]
  • I’ve never really owned a Green Submariner, I’ve just kept it for the next owner.
    I remember the overbearing advertising slogan of the king of watches, Patek Philippe: “No one really owns a Patek Philippe, they just keep it for the next generation.” At this moment, I’d like to adapt the slogan – “I’ve never really owned a Green Submariner, I’m just keeping it for the next owner” – in honour of the Green Submariner […]
  • Which Rolex soul triple question to buy? Where to buy?
    A watch aficionado who is deeply fond of Rolex, has followed the trajectory of Rolex releases for over a decade and is also a keen researcher of future trends The precision and durability of Rolex is the result of constant refinement and repeated arguments by the manufacturer, in order to achieve practicality and reliability. The cleverest thing about Rolex is […]
  • 2021 Women’s watches recommended, which brand of women’s watches is good?
    2021 Women’s watches recommended, which brand of women’s watches is good? There are often friends around who say that in an era when everyone has a mobile phone, why do so many people still wear watches? But with the development of the times, watches are no longer just for watching the time, they have an added value, they can also […]
  • 2021 Men’s watches recommendations, which brand of men’s watches is good?
    I. Classification of watchesThe mainstream watches on the market are mainly divided into mechanical watches and quartz watches, what is the difference between these two kinds of watches? To know the difference between the two, we should first know the working principle of these two kinds of watches. Mechanical watches are mainly controlled by mechanical oscillators, and then manually wound […]
  • Why does everyone recommend Rolex over the top brands?
    Because Rolex is really the watch inside the big brother ah, not table friends Lao blow is Laoli Dafa really good ah. These years, Rolex is a bit hard, but also very demonic. Even, in the eyes of some people, it becomes an investment financial product. A ghost a di, is a string of lagging goods, discount models, are given […]