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Why does everyone recommend Rolex over the top brands?

Because Rolex is really the watch inside the big brother ah, not table friends Lao blow is Laoli Dafa really good ah.

These years, Rolex is a bit hard, but also very demonic. Even, in the eyes of some people, it becomes an investment financial product. A ghost a di, is a string of lagging goods, discount models, are given to bring into popular models. However, there is one Rolex that has been a hit since it was introduced in 1955. It’s not a “backlogged Di”, it’s not a “big gold Rolex”, it’s always stood out, it’s always been young, it’s always worked well and, of course, it’s always held its value.

It is the subject of this episode, the Rolex GMTMaster II, and it is true that the Chinese market has been on a steady rise over the past week. Who would have thought that the Foyers PHILLIPS auction house would drop a super-heavy bomb yesterday: an auction where the lots were basically all popular models sold for prices that were going crazy, giving the viewing public the feeling that the auctioneer’s money was burning. The two models best known to watch aficionados were the Rolex red and blue ring, which fetched 33,750 Swiss francs, almost $250,000, and the Rolex blue and black ring, which fetched 25,000 Swiss francs, almost $190,000.

The Greenwich “Blue and Black” can be considered one of Rolex’s most popular models, and last year Rolex upgraded it with a new steel-cased five-jewel bracelet with a blue and black ring, which is the second five-jewel bracelet GMT released by Rolex after the five-jewel red and blue ring. The design is 40mm in diameter, taking into account the requirements of the male wrist circumference. The case is made from classic Oyster steel and is extremely durable. The watch is equipped with a bidirectional rotating bezel and a two-tone Cerachrom 24-hour ceramic bezel in blue and black, a ceramic material that is resistant to corrosion and scratches and does not fade even when exposed to ultraviolet light, ensuring that the lettering remains as bright as ever through the years. The die-cast numerals and indexes are coated in white gold using the PVD (Physical VapourDeposition) technique.

The crown is engraved with the Rolex logo and features a triple water-resistance system with a three-button lock to enhance the watch’s water resistance for true durability. The design of the crystal is also subtle, with a symbolic small convex window at 3 o’clock that facilitates the reading of the date. The watch has a black lacquered dial that contrasts with the hour markers and hands in 18ct gold with Chromalight luminescent material for clear reading. Rolex has equipped this GMT with a five-part commemorative bracelet fitted with the brand’s easy-to-adjust links, which allow the wearer to increase the bracelet by approximately 5 mm,buy replica watches taking into account the requirements of different wrist sizes. Rolex has also equipped it with the patented Oyster safety clasp, which prevents the clasp from being accidentally opened.

The caseback is airtight and the solid screw-down back enhances the water resistance of the watch. The watch is fitted internally with a calibre 3285, with an escapement made of nickel phosphor for greater precision, and a patented Rolex optimised dark blue Parachrom hairspring made of a unique paramagnetic alloy forged by Replica Rolex, which is ten times more resistant to shocks than a conventional hairspring and less susceptible to magnetic fields, and has a power reserve of around 70 hours. A Rolex can be the only high-end watch in a person’s life; it can also be a series of small toys that are well worth collecting on an ongoing basis in the eyes of the watch player.
A different dial, a different bezel, a different watch strap, or even just one more or less line on the dial, can cause thousands of fans to fall in love and become obsessed. Rolex is the only watch that can achieve this. Anyone who understands the changing market in China knows that most of the popular models before they went up like crazy had high bidding figures as a base, as was the case with the Rolex Green Ghost 116610LV and the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711A. Now, the wave of Fuyis to crazy results, is not the same means that the Rolex popular models will step into another round of new market increase? As one groupie often says, “This wave of bidding feels like a banker jogging in to raise the price”.

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