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I’ve never really owned a Green Submariner, I’ve just kept it for the next owner.

I remember the overbearing advertising slogan of the king of watches, Patek Philippe: “No one really owns a Patek Philippe, they just keep it for the next generation.” At this moment, I’d like to adapt the slogan – “I’ve never really owned a Green Submariner, I’m just keeping it for the next owner” – in honour of the Green Submariner that has left me.

I started to like mechanical watches in 2014, and when it comes to watches, there is no escaping the Rolex brand, and in Rolex, the hottest one is undoubtedly the Submariner series (also known as the “Water Ghost”), and in the Submariner series, the Green Submariner with a splash of green is definitely one of the most popular watches that watch enthusiasts would like to talk about.

Here’s a description of the Green Ghost from a post written by the webmaster, Rotunda, back in ’14
It’s finally time for the eagerly awaited Green Ghost. Although it’s still the “Submariner Date” but with a new bezel and dial colour change from 116610LN to 116610LV, I believe that in the eyes of many Greenwatch fans it’s definitely more than just a “green version” of the Aquaman. The fact is that the Green Ghost is also worthy of being overshadowed by other non-jewelled materials, such as the various exposures of various European royalty wearing Green Ghosts, as well as the legendary rumour that only one Green Ghost is produced for ten ordinary black ones, etc. Whether the 1:10 production is comfortable or not, the Green Ghost’s “clash rate” is indeed not high, and it is not that easy to buy. The Green Ghost was deified in the world to the extent that it could only be bought “by fate”, well, in fact, it was still just a regular Green Ghost with a green bezel and dial.

To this day, when I look at the descriptions of the Rotunda back in the day, they are still accurate, apart from the fact that the “rate of clash” may have changed a little! I’ve heard that due to both the epidemic and the exchange rate, the price of a new Bulgarian Green Ghost has approached the full 120,000 yuan mark, an increase of around 15% in a month’s time, and I can only wonder at the incredible level of premiums that Rolex (and AP and PP) have commanded in recent years. But what can be done about it? Who made the demand side outweigh the supply side?

A few more words about the green water ghost I have: In 2014, a good friend of mine was transferred to Hong Kong for work, and because he had some business dealings with the Hong Kong Oriental watch company, he had the opportunity to buy some of the popular models of the time. At that time, he had just met his girlfriend (now his wife) and wanted to look good, so he started to think about buying a better watch to improve his taste in appearance. After a recommendation from a friend and a bit of forum surfing, I quickly picked out a Replica Rolex Submariner. I contacted my good buddy immediately and thanks to his good relationship with Sales, I was soon able to get my Green Watch without the slightest difficulty. As my buddy was in Hong Kong and I didn’t feel comfortable with the courier, I planned to pick it up in person. It just so happened that my girlfriend was going to Australia for her National Day trip and would be in Hong Kong for a connecting flight, so I ended up flying the Green Ghost from Hong Kong to Australia, with my girlfriend travelling with the “precious” Green Ghost, which finally arrived in my hands one day in October 2014. I forgot to mention the most important price, well, it was 95% off the official price and arrived at around 48,000 RMB!

Back to my title, what does it mean again? Because in the almost 6 years I’ve “owned” the Green Submariner, I haven’t put it on my wrist even once. Every half month, I take it out of its humidity-proof case, put on white, lint-free gloves, and gently stroke and wind it. For fear of scratching the surface, I never even use my skin to feel the silky smoothness of the 904L steel. For almost six years, I’ve been reluctant to wear it, probably because I didn’t think I deserved it yet, or maybe because of the rash of replica watches.

In 2020, because of the epidemic, I had more time to think about it and had an epiphany that I should reduce my pursuit of material things and turn to the spiritual world. So after an extremely painful battle of the minds, I decided to sell this one of the few brand new 2014 full-film Green Ghosts on the market to a friend who needed it. I will not go into the process here, if you are interested, please leave a message and I will reply one by one.

Although it is a brand new, fully coated full set, there is no denying that it is still an out of warranty watch. I have benefited from the careful explanation of the difference between a new and a new watch from someone who knows about uk replica watches. In the end, the watch was sold to my brother’s cousin for a much higher price than the dealer would have paid for it, and at a price that I was willing to pay. The night before I went to trade, I took out my camera and took about a dozen photos of the Green Marine that had been “with” me, the first time I put it on my wrist, the first time I touched it with the warmth of my hand without gloves, so that when I thought of it in the future, I could look at the photos and prove that we had been together, that once, I too I once “owned” a Rolex, and “owned” the hottest, hottest Green Submariner.

Thank you for your patience in reading my rant, here is the commemorative time, the photos are not good, you guys bear with me, thank you!

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