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Which Rolex soul triple question to buy? Where to buy?

A watch aficionado who is deeply fond of Rolex, has followed the trajectory of Rolex releases for over a decade and is also a keen researcher of future trends

The precision and durability of Rolex is the result of constant refinement and repeated arguments by the manufacturer, in order to achieve practicality and reliability. The cleverest thing about Rolex is that the number of sales is in the millions every year, but the real core accessories including movements, cases and straps are then no more than five or six models, and these models are used for decades at a time, so the costs are spread very thinly.

For people who want to buy a Rolex, the concern must be whether to buy a Rolex at a super public price?

  1. if you have already bought a lot of them from the same shop and the same salesperson and become a VIP.
  2. you have to owe a lot of money – after all, the price is there, and asking someone to help you get the product at a fair price is the same as asking them to give you money.

The price actually leads to another question, which is whether to look for Rolexes all over the world.
The possibility of picking up a watch through regional differences is only becoming less and less likely, at least as far as Rolexes are concerned. I used to jokingly wonder if watch dealers all over the world were sharing the same WhatsApp group, so the market price difference was minimal.

So, which is the best modern Rolex to own?

The Daytona, Sub and Day-Date. modern Rolexes are basically fired up from the Daytona, the diameter, the thickness, the grip, the three-eye disc. Ah! It’s not that you have all the looks I like, it’s that I like all the looks you have. the Sub, needless to say, is just too deep and is the first love of most Rau fans.

The Day-Date is the ultimate model for Rolex fans and there was a poll on the largest Rolex forum, Rolex Forums, “If I could only keep one Rolex” and a large number of Rolex fans took part in the poll. The result was a narrow victory for the Day-Date over the Sub and Daytona, and this has been the case on several occasions over the last ten years, with the Day-Date coming first each time. This year’s new generation of the Day-Date 36 yellow gold and green face was liked by many, and it would have been perfect if all 10 scales had been bar diamond.

Finally, my personal advice is to return to reason, no matter which Rolex you choose. At this year’s Baselworld, contemporary master watchmaker Philippe Dufour made the red and blue circle a hot topic again with his 126710BLRO, for which he himself said he had queued for a long time. It turns out that masters also pay for watches that ordinary players like, it turns out that masters also don’t want to owe favours to jump the queue, and it turns out that masters, like many others, don’t accept price increases! So, if you really like it, you would have actually acted on it already, if it’s a crowd pleaser, then we suggest you stop the madness and calm down before making a decision.High quality replica watches are not lost for the first choice of love watches .

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